MFSN Presentations at International Association of Colloid and Interface Science Conference - Brisbane, Australia

Congratulations to all MFSN staff and students who presented their research at the 17th International Colloid and Interface Science (IACIS) meeting, conveniently held in Brisbane last week. With the last couple of editions held at Iguassu Falls and Rotterdam, this conference moves around and it was great to have it in our own backyard. Colloids and/or interfaces are critical components for molecular sensors, used to separate analytes from a mixture, promoting selectivity and biocompatibility. Approximately 15 students and staff from the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering and/or the BioPRIA Institute presented their work either viral oral or digital poster presentation, and everyone agreed that it was great to interact with colleagues in real life (irl!) after such a long time participating in virtual meetings. Bring on Canada in 2025!